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Solar Street Light Manufacturers In Delhi

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and traders in the solar street light systems in the country. The street lighting from solar energy is one of the most effective uses of the solar energy in the country. The products are made with the innovative technology to offer the best lighting solutions to the customers.

As one of the leading Solar street light manufacturers in Delhi we make sure that our products are able to withstand all weather conditions, rough environment, have strong corrosion resistance, and robust construction. Our manufacturing units make street light products and system on various specifications to allow the customers to take the products as per their need and requirement. The solar street light system is used in rural areas with no lighting system and in urban areas to conserve the electricity. The system comes with battery storage backup to operate the system for 12 - 14 hours. We make sure that every solar street system comes with an automatic switch on, switch off button, overcharge protection system, which cuts off the charging with LED indicators.

The users do not have to start the system, for operations in the dusk to dawn durations. There is automatic switch on or off for light from evening to the dawn. The customisation of the company also ensures that clients are able to get the solar street system they need for a particular rural and urban location. Strong protection measures make the system easy to use and operate at the site of the client. The protection range from battery overcharge to deep discharge , protection from reverse flow of current from battery to the solar panel during the rainy or cloudy day.