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Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers in Delhi

We are one of the leading solar power component makers in the country. Our state of the art manufacturing facility uses the innovative technologies to produce the solar power plant components and home solar lighting system products. The solar charge controller is used in solar power grids, solar inverters, and solar power systems.

Solar charge controller is used in all solar power plants that use batteries. The solar charge controller is used to regulate the flow of current from solar power panels to batteries. The damage to batteries from overcharge is prevented by the use of solar charge controller. Also the solar charge controller prevent the discharge of the batteries by disconnecting the battery with shutting of loads.

As a leading Solar charge controller manufacturers in Delhi we make sure that our product comes with protection against various parameters. The product has output over volate protection, protection against excessive temperature of heat sink, short circuit protection and over charging protection. We also make sure that solar charge controller has protection to prevent the flow of current to the solar array during the night.

The salient features of our solar charge controllers are long operational life, easy installation process, simple handling and intelligent microprocessor control. The product comes with user friendly configurations of 12, 24 an 48 volts. The test points on the product allow the precise adjustment of settings. The other features are salient, solid state pulse width modulation, for PWM charging process, an electronic overcharge current protection, a communication interface with LCD modular or PC for parameter or data logging.

Our use of innovative technology ensure an increase in charging efficiency by at least 30% along with real time sensing of current and voltage for optimising charging.